Paris- my top 5 picks from the trip!

Here I am, with almost 10 days’ worth of memories, stories and mini-flight adventures. I have tonnes and tonnes of pictures from my memory, as well as my camera and phone, that I can’t wait to post, and so many experiences, some useful to future Paris visitors, that I want to share.

But here is a quick summary of what will be multiple blog posts in the coming days/ weeks!

My top 5 picks from my experiences in Paris, in this very order!

  1. The view from Notre Dame Basilica. This was one of my favorite views of Paris. The chimeras at the top of the tower just add so much character to the Paris skyline. Yes, and I liked it better than that from the top of the Montparnasse tower!

    That’s how we gazed at the city too!


    The skyline with the chimera in view!

  2. That first complete view of the Eiffel tower. The tower is majestic, and I simply cannot imagine a Paris skyline without it! It looms large and comes into your view anywhere you go around in the city. It leaves as much the impression in the day, as it does in the night. We glimpsed portions of it as we came out of the Louvre and walked towards Place de la Concorde. Our first complete view was from Jardins du Trocadero, and that is my favorite view of the tower in its entirety!


    The Eiffel tower; night and day!

  3. Walk by the river Seine. We walked a lot in Paris! The Metro & RER system is great, but there are so many things to be seen in the same neighborhood, that we just had to resort to nadaraja service! We crossed the Seine several times during out trip, but the best of our walks was when we got down to the river and walked right next to it. It is quite the scene to take in; the crowds, the numerous bridges, and,the monuments and churches surrounding you. The city just oozes history.


    The bridges on Seine lit up in the night.

  4. My favorite restaurant pick. There are smaller favorites you tend to add to your list as you do things in Paris. Visits to Patisseries, the Nutella crepes and gaufres (French waffles), the French wine you liked the most, the macaroon flavor you grew fond of, meringues that dissolved in your mouth as they touched your tongue, the creme brulee, and, the restaurants that you wanted to visit over and over again for that one favorite dish! For me, it was Chez Hanna in the Le Marais neighborhood. This neighborhood is bustling with by walkers munching on crepes, beignets, croissants and doner kebabs that they carry in their hands. I read about this place on the Bruised Passports blog, and I was reminded about it the moment I set my eyes on the quaint little street on which this cozy restaurant was. I had their special; the Falafel plate, and the aubergines that came with the plate were probably the best I have ever tasted!
  5. Walking through the Christmas markets. H and I almost always make impromptu plans on the go. We have never stuck to a single itinerary, for a day we decided to plan! The first complete day in Paris was no exception! The moment we stepped on to Place de la Concorde, we we went where our legs took us. The two sides of the beautiful Champs Elysees (took me a while to pronounce it like the French do!),stretched out in front of us with bustling Christmas market stalls. I was in Nutella paradise, what with every crepe -selling shop, stocked with buckets of Nutella! There were soups to be tasted, the vin chaud (gluhwein or the hot, spiced wine) , chocolat chaud, cheeses, souvenir shops! Enough to make it to my top 5!

    P.S: All pictures in this post are from my phone, as a result of my impatience to share my excitement and stories! I am waiting for the nicer pictures with better clarity from H’s camera.

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