Every New Year’s we exclaim that we will be a new version 2.0. A version that will be fitter, trimmer, eat healthy, make time for self care, for hobbies, will work on our goals with extra rigor. I had a baby, and then this version 2.0 had a whole different meaning to it. Life just divvied itself up into “Before baby” and “After Baby”. While this experience threw me into a roller coaster of emotions, which will need to be documented later, I suddenly wanted to make everything around me better. I wanted and still want the earth to be a better place for my kid. I questioned my every decision, action, and challenged others if they didn’t think like me (:P poor husband!).

Moving forward, I have a whole new to-do list to take care of. And I hope to document my small steps and changes in life along the way. Hopefully, I will remain consistent this time around in blogging about them. If anything, to stay accountable! These posts will include small sustainable changes made in life, steps taken for self care, documenting everyday triumphs in entertaining a toddler, or sometimes even about failing miserably.

With the global pandemic still raging, travelling has taken a back seat, but I am sure everyone is going to be getting around with a vengeance once we can all travel and move around with no qualms. I will continue to document them, and do my top 5 lists! I still love my clothes, sarees and accessories, though I have decided to give my shopping-as-a-form-of-therapy a rest. Maybe you can read about my coping mechanisms!

If you have been reading my posts, thank you for sticking around. If you are new, stay with me for a little while to either join me, or witness me in action!


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