Traveler| Foodie| Fashion Blogger

This is a role that people often assume, when creating their social media posts, accounts and blogs. I have seen the same tagline in a bunch of Instagram accounts. “Hypocrisy?”, I asked myself? Then when I thought about how I felt about them, I wasn’t too far away. The reason? “I love bitter guard, like you do chocolate”, said NO ONE EVER!


There is a calm that descends over you when you have your life in your hands. Everyday life is always affected by those around you, but when on a vacation, you know you are doing things you like and want to do! While growing up, my travels were restricted to the few places with temples in Tamil Nadu. I was more than happy with just that small outing with family. It wasn’t till I had the first taste of having itineraries, and travel without family, that I looked at it as something more than just visiting people, being touristy and settling down in my comfort zone. I continue to make family trips, but their nature has changed. The same trip to my native town in Kerala had me look at the different things. What used to be just randomly gazing out, and taking things for granted, was all about small things like the kasavu that 60% women wore to the temple, the Kalimark panneer soda that we packed on our way out of Coimbatore, the coconut and palm trees, the same beautiful and cute little tiled roof temples, the bumpy roads, and the buttering up of people to get some extra neipayasam, at the temple stall. They all had a new charm to them! So this new revelation that travel means different things at different times, to different people, and is greatly affected by the company, purpose and experiences, gets you addicted to it.


If we didn’t have as many foodies, we would all be stunning-looking people, there won’t be so many diet fads going around, and there will not be as many restaurants. I still wonder why the tastiest of things is so unhealthy and say, the bitter guard is packed with goodness. Being from South India, an early fascination for ‘North Indian’ food develops. I used to order bhel puris and chole bhatura, every single time we went out to eat. Being a picky eater, I was never one to venture out of my comfort zone. So I was 16 when I tried my first pizza, and my first piece of panneer. Looking at me now, you can very well infer that there was no looking back after that. Things in India picked up, and it was time for the global scene! Enter Subway Sandwiches, pastas, bubble teas, Chinese food, and in recent times, even Mexican and Thai food! With so many options in hand, who wouldn’t have a favorite!?


This part, I believe is an inherent style that each person has. Fashion, I believe is all about perception. Truth be told, I have always wondered why models on the ramp are given weird hairstyles sticking out, weirder eye make-up, and the weirdest lip colors. Maybe there is a reason. We don’t see people in everyday life wear green lipstick, purple eye make-up and so much gel in their hair, so I wonder what the audience of these fashion shows are looking for.

Now I am sure there is a reason.

The clothes, again, what one person wears on the red carpet, may not be what you gave a thumbs-up for! Who doesn’t feel good when they are complimented about a new haircut, a new style they tried while mixing and matching clothes, and a new accessory they picked up, while trying to be bold, and different!


I believe that every single choice you make and habit you develop is a lifestyle choice. Having an organized home, putting away money for travel, eating out only over weekends, eating healthy, your profession,every single one, a lifestyle you choose for yourself.

So my blog falls into the same pile of every other blog and social media account out there. If you are an oddball, and you start your own blog about lifestyle choices, guess what, it is bound to fall in these categories. Welcome to the rut!

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